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Rider's Revenge by Alessandra Clarke

Release date: September 29, 2015
Subgenre: YA fantasy

About Rider's Revenge:


K'lrsa loves her life as a Rider for the White Horse Tribe. She spends her days hunting with her Amalanee horse, Fallion, and her nights avoiding her mother's attempts to settle her down.

Even though there are hints that the world around her is changing, K'lrsa thinks her life is perfect.

Until the day her father is brutally murdered and she sets out to avenge him.

As she follows the vision the Great Father Sun showed her, determined to kill the man she thinks is responsible at any cost, even her own life, she's haunted by dreams of a beautiful young man she can never have and a life she was never going to live.

Alone in a world vastly different from the one she's known, she'll have to decide: Avenge her father or follow her heart.

Will she succeed in destroying the Toreem Daliphate and killing the man responsible for her father's death? Only the gods know. 



The baru fled towards the desert sands, leaping across the dry, cracked ground.
K'lrsa leaned over Fallion's side, one hand tangled in his mane as she chose her target—a young male on the edge of the herd that leaped ahead of them, all grace and light. He tried to flee back into the center of the herd, but she maneuvered Fallion to cut him away from the others.
The swift air of their passage cooled the sweat on K'lrsa's brow even as the sharp scents of crushed sage grass and dust filled her nose. "Steady now, micora," she whispered as much to herself as Fallion as she released her hold on his mane to draw her bow and nock an arrow to it. Her gaze never left her target.
It was risky to let go of his mane, and she'd never try it with any other horse, but she knew Fallion, knew she was in no danger of falling with him beneath her.
K'lrsa took a deep breath and found the hunter's version of the Core—that heightened state of awareness where everything slowed down and came into focus. Time seemed to stop as she pulled the arrow taut, the bow string vibrating under her fingers, begging for release.
She held there, pausing, savoring the moment as she aimed for the soft spot on the baru's back.
Finally, she released and heard the twang of the bow string as the arrow sped towards its target, wobbling left before straightening out again.
The arrow spun through the air, each rotation visible to her mind's eye, each breath taking an eternity as they thundered forward, the herd racing ahead of them, her target glancing back at her in wide-eyed fear.
K'lrsa felt a thrill of triumph as the arrow raced towards the baru.
She was going to do it.
After months of being told it wasn't possible, and days of trying and failing, she was going to be the first Rider to kill a baru from horseback.
Her. K'lrsa. A "mere girl."
She was going to do it.
The baru leapt to the side at the last moment; the arrow buried itself in the dry ground by a large cactus.
K'lrsa cursed and felt Fallion slow beneath her as he responded to her unspoken command.
No. She was not going to quit this time. She was not going to fail again.
She had to succeed before her father returned to camp.
She had to.
She was hot and tired and sore, her clothes sticking to her body and chafing her skin, but this was her last chance and she refused to quit. Not when she was so close. Fallion wasn't even winded, even after a day of hard riding.
She urged him forward until it felt like they really were flying like the Amalanee horses of legend. The wind of their passage whipped strands of hair and dust into her eyes, but she ignored them.
She would not fail.
Not again.

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About Alessandra Clarke:

Alessandra Clarke has been losing herself in the worlds of fantasy novels since she was old enough to borrow her first book from the library.

She loves the worlds of Darkover, Valdemar, and Pern and kind of wishes she were psychic except for that whole knowing what others are really thinking part.

Website | Twitter

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ZeQuest (Book 2 of the Quest Saga) by Dhayaa Anbajagane

Release date: September 24, 2015
Subgenre: Space Opera

About ZeQuest

Armorica was an ancient planet filled with luscious fields, towering forests, and crystal clear streams.
And now, it was going to be destroyed.
When Armorica's very existence is threatened by an enemy planet, Q is left with no other choice but to take matters into his own hands and prevent a inter-planetary massacre from breaking out. But one question remained unanswered : How was he supposed to take down an entire planet?

Thrilling, Plot-twisting and mysterious, ZeQuest explores the nature of a selfish world, where nothing is ever what it seems to be.

This is book 2 of the Quest Saga, following ConQuest, which is currently free.



Q hated trips.
He hated bicycles, cars, trains and planes. Basically if something could take him from one place to another, he’d probably hate it. So one could see why spaceships weren’t exactly his favorite thing, and being stuck in one was the worst. Especially since he’d been in there for two days. The only positive he could see was that there was just another hour until he could exit  what he felt was a ‘metal coffin’.
“I’m bored,” he mumbled.
“Just go to sleep,” the girl sitting next to him groaned. She lay in her seat, curling up against the wall as she herself tried to go back to sleep. Her hair was a dark shade of red, its silky-shiny texture making it seem photoshopped.
“But I’m not tired,” he said. She ignored him and lay still, probably fast asleep already.
The trip had been quite tiring and being stuck in a truck sized spaceship for forty-eight hours didn’t exactly make one feel relaxed or rejuvenated.
Q had actually rejected the suggestion of taking this trip, but his brother Carlos had forced him to come along. Frankly put, he had no clue why he was even included. All Carlos had told him was that the planet they were heading to was called Armorica. So basically Q was on a blind mission to a place he didn’t know, to do something he was yet to be briefed on.
He got up and walked through a corridor toward the front of the ship, a.k.a ‘the deck.’
Two seats were placed side by side at the front end of the deck, a moderately-tall figure sitting on each of them. The chair on the right turned around, revealing an athletic looking man. The pit was dimly lit but Q could see the distinct shades of brown both in his hair, and in his eyes.
“Couldn’t go to sleep?” he asked.
“I’ve been stuck in this tin can for far too long to be able to sleep peacefully.”
“Whoa, whoa,” he said. “Hang in there would you? We’re just a while away from the landing site.”
“You know you still haven’t told me about this planet we’re going to.”
“I haven’t? Oh dear,” he said and quickly turned his chair around.
Q waited.
And waited.
“Are you going to tell me or not?”
“I’m just kidding,” Carlos laughed and turned back around. “So, we’re headed to Armorica.”
“That I already know.”
“It’s a planet that’s pretty much like Earth.”
“That’s still not useful info.”
“Commander,” the other seat turned around, revealing a girl in her late teens. She had fair, untanned skin and a rather thin, rounded face. Her curly black hair was sleek and had been pulled into a loose ponytail. Her blue eyes looked at him, her long eyelashes fluttering as she blinked.
“We’re two minutes into initiating descent,” she said. “Everyone needs to secure themselves for entry.”
“Will you be able to manage the descent on your own?” Carlos asked.
“Yes sir,” she said, her head looking straight at the viewscreen that fed a view from the front of the ship.
“Very well then,” he said and ushered Q towards the passenger area.
Carlos stopped in front of the fast-asleep girl and leaned close to her, “ELIZABETH!” he yelled out.
She jumped, her face slamming into the wall she was leaning on, and slumped back into her seat, her hands covering her face.
Carlos grinned, “Always wanted to do that,” he said.
“I’m so glad you finally got to do it,” Q rolled his eyes. His brother could do the stupidest things at the silliest of times.
“What do you want?” Elizabeth asked, her hands moving around her face, searching for any bumps. She didn’t seem mad at all, almost as though she were used to Carlos’ craziness.
“We’re preparing for reentry,” Carlos said. “Secure yourself.”
“You know, you could’ve just done that without waking me up.”
Carlos looked straight at her for a really long time and then he broke into a smile, “Well, what do you know,” he chuckled. “I guess I really could have done that.”




About Dhayaa Anbayagane: 

Dhayaa Anbajagane is an Amazon bestselling YA author who's novel, ConQuest, debuted in the Top #10 of all Space Opera books. His top Sci-Fi series, 'The Quest Saga' has won many fans and admirers alike.
He writes in his free time (which sometimes overlaps his sleep time)
His favorite part of being an author? Writing the first draft of a new novel.
His least favorite part? Redrafting it.

Dhayaa isn't a big enough sensation yet to be busy enough to ignore social media messages. So if you want to get in touch you can catch him on Facebook or Twitter.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Devil's Thumb (The Immortals, Book 2) by S.M. Schmitz

Release date:
Subgenre: Urban fantasy

About Devil's Thumb:

After a fateful decision in Baton Rouge, Colin and Anna move to Boulder where they hope they will get some much needed time off from hunting. But the demons who wanted retribution in Baton Rouge have followed them, and this time, they're not alone.



The Angel tilted her head, thinking. “They must be breaking the rules somehow, but we don’t know how it’s even possible. They are supposed to be automatically summoned back to Hell. Whatever they’re doing, they’re circumventing what was agreed upon eons ago, but they hide from us just as they hide from you. We don’t know anything more than you do right now.”
 “Luca’s angel mentioned a war if this keeps up. What exactly does he mean by war?” Anna asked.
“A declaration of war against Hell could be catastrophic. All of the rules we’ve abided by for millennia would be wiped out, and they’d do whatever they wanted. But they are already starting to do that, which is why we may not have a choice.”
“But you’re angels. You can’t fight back. How would a war between Heaven and Hell even work?”
The Angel made a sound that almost sounded like a weary sigh. “We can’t. We arm every hunter with every gift we can, but ultimately, we can only stand by you.”
“And what about these dreams? There’s no way you can keep them out of our heads? Stop these dreams from even occurring?” Colin already knew the answer, but he had to hear it from her anyway.
“No, the best I can do is help pull you from those dreams, but I can only do that through the one of you that hasn’t been lost. I couldn’t find Anna when she was in that camp, just as you couldn’t. With these dreams now, as soon as you slip away and you stop being able to feel each other, I stop being able to sense you as well. I’ve been helping to wake you up but if they were to figure out how to get into both of your minds at the same time …”
The Angel stopped and watched them with a kind of worry and apprehension Anna and Colin had never seen from her before. “Wait,” Anna whispered, “it’s not just separating our minds then? The other night when I couldn’t wake up Colin … that was real? If they get to us both, you could lose us, and we may never wake up?”
The Angel took a deep breath, which must have been a habit of humans she’d picked up somewhere because she probably didn’t need to breathe. “I would never stop looking for you,” she promised. But it was all she could promise them. Knowing where their bodies were would be useless; it wasn’t their bodies these demons were fighting now. They had realized how indestructible Colin and Anna were and had found a place they were still vulnerable. They were trying to steal their minds.
Colin leaned his head forward, studying Anna’s fingers still intertwined with his. “And our bodies won’t die for more than a hundred years. That’s a long time to be stuck in Hell.”
The Angel nodded in agreement and took one more deep breath before appearing in the pew next to Colin and Anna. They jumped from her sudden presence next to them, but she took their hands, which were still holding onto each other, and looked at them carefully, that love and compassion she’d always had for them so evident in this new fear she had for the O’Conners’ lives.
“That’s exactly what could happen, Colin. And the thought of it happening to you and Anna would be killing me if I were mortal. So that’s why I came to let you out of your agreement. Your service is over.”



About S.M. Schmitz:

S. M. Schmitz has an M.A. in modern European history and enjoys teaching world history as well as writing. An avid reader, she delves into a variety of genres such as paranormal, urban fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, and young adult. Her novels are infused with the same humorous sarcasm that she employs frequently in the classroom. As a native of Louisiana, she sets many of her scenes here, and like Dietrich in Resurrected, she is also convinced Louisiana has been cursed with mosquitoes much like Biblical Egypt with its locusts.


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The Sane King (Iron Nails, Book 1) by Matt Knott

Release date: August 27, 2015
Subgenre: Epic fantasy

About The Sane King:


Heroes are not born, but forged.

A lone warrior takes up the cause of a hunted boy. A desperate nation seeks to bolster its fragile army. A malevolent god feasts on the nightmares of men and seeks to bring ruin to all.

The wanderer, Rayle, stands against the preternatural forces lurking on the edges of civilization and sanity. In the bleak lands of the Wrack, he rescues Bray from brutal men. Swearing to help the boy seek vengeance for the death of his brothers, Rayle finds himself locked in a savage contest that tests both his strength of arms and will.

The Younger Union, losing its long war against a tyrannical enemy is moved to enforce ancient contracts. Tensions build as an idyllic farming community becomes the stage upon which the future of the north will be decided.

When events collide, and a monstrous power threatens to drown their world in blood, Rayle and his unlikely allies must fight to stop the tides of carnage. To win they must first survive, and to survive they must overcome their fears, doubts, and regrets.

They must unite and set aside differences, and in doing so they may stand against the madness of The Sane King. 



Lungs burning, Bray ran.
Every long step sent waves of pain up his aching legs as his feet snapped fallen twigs and struck hard summer earth. Each breath sucked in humid air as salty sweat stung his cracked lips.
No safe place awaited him. He had no goal to reach, only the desperate need to draw breath each second by painful second. Soon his legs would betray him and the dogs would savage his bare flesh as they dragged him back to eager knives. They would open his throat to the stars and their thirsty tongues. A scant few hours more of life in a world that had turned to terror.
He shouldnt be the last alive.
Brawed and Haelan had been the strong ones; they could have survived this. Not Bawling Bray, a self-fulfilling prophecy from his mother that had led to endless teasing by his brothers.
His dead brothers.
Bray ran and his sweat tasted like the tears that had earned the name as a babe. Distant howling and guttural shouts pumped his legs and lungs harder.
He tripped and his knee cracked against a cruel stone. Dragging himself up, he stumbled in the darkness and felt his palm tear as he slammed it against a tree for balance. The hounds bayed as his blood cried out to them.
Limping now, his flight became a drift, too slow, too weak. Fear drove him, but anger was building on the foundation of pain. Anger at the strangers who had assaulted their camp, anger at himself for failing to fight hard enough.
He staggered down a steep bank and heard the hunters gaining. In moments their dogs would crest the ridge and, blood mad, run him down. It would be a mercy if they tore out his life before the wild men arrived with their wicked blades and vile eyes.
His legs buckled as the ground flattened out and he slid on burning knees, struggling to rise. The deep cut on his hand pulsed out blood as he scratched around in the dirt. His fingers rested on a length of wood and he was lifting it before he even realized hed made the decision.
Hed been born weeping, but he would die with dry eyes.
Fear fell away, dragged down by inevitability and rage. Hed die a man and make them pay for the butchery of his brothers.
Make them pay for every step hed taken in terror. He
Little scrawny to swing such a big stick.
Bray twisted, almost dropping the length as he swung at the darkness.
His eyes, even attuned to the dark as they were, had missed the man leaning against a tall oak. His face was hidden inside a ragged hood, thick fingers playing idly with a long nail. He was tall and as broad as the bark at his back. Bray felt the mans eyes upon him even though he couldnt see them. Their judging weight pushing back any words he might have had.
Slowly the man slid the nail beneath the hem of his cloak and grunted. He raised his hand and tilted his head.
For the briefest of moments there was only the sound of Brays heavy breathing and the wind carrying the call of the pack.
Four following with four beasts. A pause. Hungry beasts.
They killed my brothers, Bray managed, leaning on the suddenly heavy makeshift weapon.
The stranger nodded.
Blood youll be wanting then. Kill the first and Ill join you.
Boy, this is chance. If I werent here, youd have stood alone. Show your heart, and Ill give you theirs.



About Matt Knott:

Matt Knott believes in momentum. Heroic Fantasy should be a kinetic experience where the tablet drags you on an adventure.

You should be squeezing so hard the screen cracks.

Working in the video game industry for close to a decade, with a background in social science and carousing, Matt Knott's deepest passion is for the epic. With his first book, The Sane King, he aimed to capture that sense of pulse-thumping adventure that comes from making wild decisions, or listening to music that ruptures blood vessels.

He wants you to join him in walking rolling hills with sweat on your brow and the unknown ahead.

He lives in Dublin and shares his apartment with a 2 Foot tall statue of Conan the Barbarian fighting an ape.


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Speculative Fiction Links of the Week for October 2, 2015

And here is our weekly round-up of interesting links about speculative fiction from around the web, this week with reactions to the latest incarnation of The Muppets Show and The Martian as well as discussion about superheroes and golden age science fiction.

Speculative fiction in general:

Comments on The Muppets:

Comments on The Martian


Writing, publishing and promotion:




Con reports:

Science and technology:

Free online fiction:

Odds and ends: 

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Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month for September 2015

Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month
It’s that time of the month again, time for “Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month”.

So what is “Indie Speculative Fiction of the Month”? It’s a round-up of speculative fiction by indie authors newly published this month, though some August books I missed the last time around snuck in as well. The books are arranged in alphabetical order by author. So far, most links only go to, though I may add other retailers for future editions.

Once again, we have new releases covering the whole broad spectrum of speculative fiction. We have science fiction, space opera, science fantasy, paranormal romance, post-apocalyptic fiction, dystopian fiction, near future science fiction, YA science fiction, YA fantasy, epic fantasy, urban fantasy, fairytale retellings, alternate history, time travel, intergalactic prison breaks, interplanetary wars, interactive zombies, fallen angels, dashing spies, super-mathematicians, wizards, witches, werewolves, aliens, robots, immortal demon hunters, cryogenic freezing, magical Vegas weekends, death in love, lots of LGBT characters and much more.

As always, I know the authors at least vaguely, but I haven’t read all of the books, so Caveat emptor.

And now on to the books without further ado:

Zero Hour by Eamon AmbroseZero Hour by Eamon Ambrose:

A soldier wakes, possibly the last survivor of a brutal attack by machines intent on destroying humanity, but all is not as it seems in this thrilling futuristic tale with a twist that will make you want to read it all over again.

ZeQuest by Dhayaa AnbayaganeZeQuest by Dhayaa Anbajagane:
Armorica was an ancient planet filled with luscious fields, towering forests, and crystal clear streams.
And now, it was going to be destroyed.

When Armorica's very existence is threatened by an enemy planet, Q is left with no other choice but to take matters into his own hands and prevent a inter-planetary massacre from breaking out. But one question remained unanswered : How was he supposed to take down an entire planet?

Thrilling, Plot-twisting and mysterious, ZeQuest explores the nature of a selfish world, where nothing is ever what it seems to be.

This is book 2 of the Quest Saga, following ConQuest.

Children of the GraveChildren of the Grave by Tonia Brown, Alex Laybourne, Aurelio Lopez III, Joe McKinney, Joe Mynhardt and Armand Rosamilia:
Six talented zombie authors take on the Afterlife in an interactive shared-world zombie anthology.

Welcome to Purgatory, an arid plain of existence where zombies are the least of your problems. It’s a post-mortem Hunger Games, and Blaze, a newcomer to Purgatory, needs your help to learn the rules of this world and choose the best course of action.

Purgatory is escapable, so aid Blaze to win the favor of the ruling Gatherers by earning this right. But what’s waiting outside Purgatory, is beyond what the human mind can fathom.

His fate. Your choices.

Your six different choices are penned by Joe McKinney, Armand Rosamilia, Tonia Brown, Joe Mynhardt, Aurelio Lopez III, and Alex Laybourne.

A History of the New Ice Age by Cora BuhlertA History of the New Ice Age by Cora Buhlert:

The cryogenic freezing of the dead in hope of a eventual revival has long been the province of cranks and crazies. However, when two frozen mountain gorillas are successfully revived, cryogenics suddenly becomes a viable medical technology. The first humans are revived soon thereafter and though most of them have financial difficulties not to mention problems adjusting to the new world in which they find themselves, their successful revival nonetheless sparks a run on cryogenic freezing with unforeseen social and financial consequences…

This short story of 2300 words chronicles the cryogenics boom of the mid to late twenty-first century.

Alliance by Timothy L. CerepakaAlliance by Timothy L. Cerepaka:
His allies are not always who they seem to be.

The law enforcement robot known as J997 travels to the magical and mystical world of Dela after a criminal wanted on his homeworld of Xeeo. His mission is simple: Find the criminal and bring her back to his world to be judged for her crimes. With an entire database in his head that contains information on everything in the two worlds, and an unflappable desire to pursue the criminal, J997 is certain that this job will be quick.

But the mission becomes more complicated when J997 is caught between two secret organizations whose conflict goes back to the dawn of the two worlds themselves. J997 must now avoid getting caught in the crossfire if he is going to return home to Xeeo in one piece. Unless the two organizations have anything to say about it.

Destiny Abounds by Annathesa DarksbaneDestiny Abounds by Annathesa Nikola and Shei Darksbane:

On the prison world of Urebai, a notorious Prisoner breaks free of her chains once more. On primeval Fade, a decorated warrior flees her home for the stars to escape her past. And under the light of a distant star, a solitary pilot prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice for her people.
This is how the tale begins.

Branwen Hawke left behind the swords and castles of her homeworld to take solace from the war that consumed most of her life. After stumbling into the role of captain of a one-of-a-kind starship with an unlikely crew, she must find a way to keep them together and thriving. But even with years of experience commanding troops, Branwen has her hands full with a lost pilot from a distant world, an engineer with crippling anxiety, an innocent young medic with a secret, a renowned Kala, and her insanely dangerous baggage.

Now tasked with an important mission that could make or break the crew’s reputation, Branwen must face her inner turmoil and find some sort of peace despite the struggles she can’t escape, while safeguarding the lives that have fallen so fatefully into her hands.

Driven by Shei DarksbaneDriven by Shei Darksbane:
Dakota Shepherd never thought learning to drive could be such a pain. It seems like every truck she touches ends up dead, but Raelya kindly offers to teach her anyway. Her first lesson in a secluded lot seems to be going pretty well, until someone ends up dead there too.

A sleepless night. An untold tale. A deadly betrayal.

Dakota stumbles upon a long-held secret that could tear the pack apart. Tasked with settling a decades-old score, Dakota is driven to seek justice and set things to rights before an unforgivable crime goes unpunished forever.

Of Books, and Earth, and Courtship by Aliette de BodardOf Books, and Earth, and Courtship by Aliette de Bodard:
In a Paris that never was, a city of magical factions where Fallen angels mingle with magicians, alchemists and witches...

Emmanuelle is the Fallen archivist of House Silverspires, and only wants a quiet life with her books. But when Selene, the latest student of Lucifer Morningstar, walks into the library, Emmanuelle finds herself drawn in an adventure to steal from another House. It's a thrilling and dangerous task, but the most dangerous thing about it might just be Selene herself--aloof and resourceful, and unexpectedly attractive...

Set in the universe of the critically acclaimed The House of Shattered Wings.

Quartz by Rabia GaleQuartz by Rabia Gale:
A sunless world. The lost Tower of Light. And the race to find it.

Rafe Grenfeld, diplomat and spy, has problems.
He’s just learned of the discovery of a legendary quartz pillar: his world’s most precious resource. But his informer died before revealing its location, and Rafe’s on the run in the hostile state of Blackstone.

Once, quartz powered magical devices, but the mages who created them are long gone. Now, veins of quartz give light to a dying world, and Rafe has competition.

Karzov, the notorious chief of Blackstone’s secret police, is also hunting for the pillar. Determined to claim it for his own country, Rafe forms an uneasy alliance with the mysterious and maddening Isabella. As dangerous magical artifacts resurface and dark forces close in, Rafe must tap into the lost powers of the mages to find and secure the quartz—before his world is torn apart by famine and war.

Model #37 by Judy GoodwinModel #37 by Judy Goodwin:
Baby has lived a privileged life—her father always said she was “special.” And Baby knows she’s not like normal humans. She’s only 47 inches tall, even though she’s eighteen years old. She can live off tiny amounts of food. And she’s got a dorsal fin in the middle of her back.

Today’s the big day. She’s supposed to model for the world, and make her father proud. The only questions are why is she so nervous, and why won’t her father let her out of the lab? Most of all, Baby, also known as Model 37, wants to see the world.
Maybe even meet another “special” person like her.

Bonus short story: The Nannypod

It’s Monday morning, and Chris has to get to work. The only problem is, his Nannypod, the device strapped to his wrist that runs his life, just died. He doesn’t even know which bus to get on.
How will he live without it?

The Awakening by Adair HartThe Awakening by Adair Hart:
A heavily damaged alien research vessel in the Andromeda galaxy is hurtling toward a planet. The aliens should not be there. They have been traveling through space and time, abducting apex predators and sticking them in virtual simulations for research. The problem is the virtual simulations are powering down, unleashing the specimens on the ship.

Dr. Albert Snowden and his niece, Emily, were abducted by the aliens. They are visited by a mysterious being named Evaran in the last minutes of the virtual simulation.He has decided to interfere in this timeline-changing event and rescue them.

Stopping the ship from crashing into the planet before getting to Evaran's ship is one issue. Navigating the apex predators on the loose is another. To make matters worse, Jerzan Graduul, infamous leader of the Bloodbore mercenary pack, has boarded the ship in search of salvage opportunities, and has noticed Evaran's ship. The hunt begins.

Hartshire Noble Council by R.D. HendersonHartshire Noble Council by R.D. Henderson:
Luigi Darkhawk is a mage and head of the Hartshire Noble Council which is a mysterious and anonymous civic organization that metes out justice to and for the city’s criminal underworld.

As the head of the noble council, he takes advantage of his position by doing favors for criminals in exchange for bribes and other illicit considerations which enables him to have a very nice life and own very nice things, including a penthouse suite in the most expensive hotel in the city.

While he enjoys the benefits of his position on the noble council, an assassin is killing members of the noble council and innocent by-standers with black bolts each containing magic-based explosive component. (Could these black bolts be the same black bolts stolen from Nambroc, the black elf city in the Nether Realm?) The city’s criminal underworld as well as the constables are scouring the city to find the person responsible for all the death and carnage.

At the same time of the assassinations, rumors are swirling about that there could be black elves hiding among the populace of the city. (Could the assassin be a black elf?)

Luigi wants to keep the status quo in the city because he wants to maintain is very nice life, but he knows the assassins needs to be stopped.

If the assassin is not caught, not being able to maintain his very nice life would be the least of his worries. Luigi could be the next victim of the assassin, and certainly does not want that to happen.

Hartshire Noble Council is the fifth novella in the Nambroc Sequence, a fantasy series.

The Fuller's Apprentice by Angela HolderThe Fuller's Apprentice by Angela Holder:
All Josiah wants is a little excitement. His work as an apprentice fuller is boring, and playing in the mill’s machinery isn’t that dangerous. Everything goes fine—at first.

All right, he’s lucky the wizard Elkan and his familiar, a donkey named Sar, are there to save his life. Even better, when his furious master fires him, Elkan offers him a job as his assistant. Josiah jumps at the chance. Traveling around Tevenar for a year, meeting all sorts of interesting people, helping the dedicated young wizard and clever donkey serve them with the Mother’s healing magic—what could be more fun?

But Josiah soon learns that while matters of life and death may be exciting, they’re seldom fun. Impulsive actions, even when taken with the best of intentions, can have devastating consequences. And some choices have the power to change the future of Tevenar forever.

Root of Unity by S.L. HuangRoot of Unity by S.L. Huang:
Cas Russell has always used her superpowered mathematical skills to dodge snipers or take down enemies. Oh, yeah, and make as much money as possible on whatever unsavory gigs people will hire her for. But then one of her few friends asks a favor: help him track down a stolen math proof. One that, in the wrong hands, could crumble encryption protocols worldwide and utterly collapse global commerce.

Cas is immediately ducking car bombs and men with AKs -- this is the type of math people are willing to kill for, and the U.S. government wants it as much as the bad guys do. But all that pales compared to what Cas learns from delving into the proof. Because the more she works on the case, the more she realizes something is very, very wrong . . . with her.

For the first time, Cas questions her own bizarre mathematical abilities. How far they reach. How they tie into the pieces of herself that are broken -- or missing.

How the new proof might knit her brain back together . . . while making her more powerful than she's ever imagined.

Desperate to fix her fractured self, Cas dives into the tangled layers of higher mathematics, frantic for numerical power that might not even be possible -- and willing to do anything, betray anyone, to get it.

Jacks Are Wild by Monique MartinJacks Are Wild by Monique Martin:
From the world of Out of Time comes the first book in a new series with Jack Wells!

Former OSS officer Jack Wells’s first assignment for the Council for Temporal Studies sounds deceptively simple—stop a murder before it happens. But as Jack soon finds out, there’s nothing simple about 1960 Las Vegas, especially when the woman you’re sent to save is a mobster’s wife.

Jack is joined by Simon and Elizabeth Cross as he struggles to stay alive long enough to stop Susan’s murder and protect a very fragile timeline.

Lunar Discovery by Salvador MercerLunar Discovery: Let the Space Race Begin by Salvador Mercer:
When a Chinese rover discovers an alien technology on the dark side of the moon, it is up to Richard ‘Rock’ Crandon and his NASA team of scientists and engineers to devise a way to return before the Chinese and Russians.

With pressure mounting, the world is pushed closer to conflict and potential war as the NASA team finds itself seriously behind in the newly initiated space race. The future of mankind, its ideological and technological advances are at stake, as the space race begins.

A Contemporary Sci-Fi, Techno-Thriller, by Salvador Mercer, Author of the Claire-Agon Fantasy World Books.

Polarized by Bedrich Pasek VIIIPolarized by Bedrich Pasek VIII:
Scientists told Sebastian Collier that freezing a man for the trip to Triangulum was a simple procedure. Little more than a nap. But when the systems performing routine bodily maintenance go to great lengths to keep him alive, it’s debatable what emerges from his cryogenic chamber could be called a man at all.

Years after Sebastian’s mysterious death, his descendant Colonel J.D. Boskie is deployed to Triangulum to quash rebellion.

Fervent political discord has the planet eerily united in its antagonism toward mother Earth. Slick thieves are heisting so much of Triangulum’s resources that Earth’s economy is in ruins from the fallout. The planet’s as heartless as its automated factories. If they’re building an army, well…

Boskie’s men think he’s too young. His heavy-handed commanding officer Luna "The Lunatic" doesn’t trust him. And Boskie needs the help of Lucia Meduse Rimbaud, the powerful Triangulese executive with dark eyes that the cherubim drew. She’s argumentative. Forbidden fruit. Infuriating. Doesn’t want anything to do with him.

She’s irresistible.

Boskie believes something big’s about to happen. He also believes he’s slipping into madness just like his ancestor did. He may be right.

Mutation Z: Closing the Borders by Marilyn PeakeMutation Z: Closing the Borders by Marilyn Peake:
Eviscerated bodies are found along both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. Military security is stepped up on both sides of the border. However, journalists are given free rein to explore the devastation. As more and more bodies are found, people begin to panic. Meanwhile in The Liberia Treatment and Research Camp of West Africa, Emma Johnson and Chibueze Koroma continue to receive experimental doses of Mutation Z. They also begin to remember the horrific things they’ve done. As journalist Hunter Morgan’s investigation leads him to that same Camp, his own little girl falls sick with fever.

MUTATION Z: CLOSING THE BORDERS is the second book in the MUTATION Z series, following The Ebola Zombies.

What Happened in VegasWhat Happened in Vegas by K.L. Phelps:
Her mother warned her not to go. It was supposed to be a carefree girls' weekend in Vegas, but what Katrina got was magic, murder, and mayhem.

Swept off her feet by cute but geeky wizard Andrew Parker, Kat is caught in an age-old feud between vampires and lycans. The problem? If things go wrong, it could mean not only the end of her life, but every life in Vegas.

With a kidnapping, a magic carpet ride, and a quickie wedding, this Vegas weekend might be too wild even for Elvis.

Threads of Gold by Christine PopeThreads of Gold by Christine Pope:
Unexpected help can lead to unexpected consequences...

When Annora Kelsden's father gets her family into financial trouble, it's up to her to save them. Unable to truly spin straw into gold, Annora despairs for her life. When a mysterious stranger offers to help, Annora desperately agrees to his terms, thankful for his assistance.

After the king receives the gold he desires, Annora believes she's safe from harm, only to realize that she's spun herself a trap with seemingly no end. But can the consequences lead her where she never expected — into the arms and heart of her mysterious savior?

A Rumplestiltskin tale spun with sweet sensuality….

Feral by P.J. PostHer Eyes Match the Sky by P.J. Post:
This romance brought to you by the end of the world...

She was looking forward to her junior year of high school, obsessing about prom, getting her driver's license and maybe even meeting her first boyfriend, but September finds her on the run, from the bombings, from looters and much, much worse.

No more homecoming.
No more homeroom.
No more home.

The United States of America is dying, dragging civilization down with it. No electricity, no cars, no phones, no infrastructure, nothing but anarchy remains. The survivors, families and struggling communities are migrating west, away from the invading armies. Some are praying for the lights to come back on, but others are embracing the New World Order, living for today and taking what they need, but mostly, what they want.

Among them are the orphaned children, scraping by in the shadows with fewer and fewer surviving the cold nights of the approaching winter. But they don't have to be the forgotten generation.
All they need is a leader.

And she's found him. If she can keep him alive, they may all have a chance.

Feral is an ongoing serialized story. Episode 2, The Mark, is also available.

The Magic Mines of Asharim by Pauline M. RossThe Magic Mines of Asharim by Pauline M. Ross:
A fallen empire. A woman with dark secrets. A strange magical weapon.

The glorious Akk’asharan Empire was torn apart by treachery two hundred years ago, its water supply cut off. Now its people are enslaved and humiliated, but they have never forgotten the past, and dream of one day restoring their former greatness.

Allandra's dreams are more immediate: how to control the powerful magical abilities that are ruining her life. After a disastrous outbreak of power, she’s desperate to escape from justice and find a place to grieve and recover. Perhaps the hidden mines of Asharim can provide a safe haven.

The mines can provide much more than that: not only a way to control her dangerous magic, but a magical weapon that might even restore the fallen empire to its rightful place. But with enemies on her trail, and powerful factions who will do anything to stop her, she will only get one chance. If she fails, the empire's last hope will be lost forever.

From the magic mines of Asharim, no one emerges unchanged.

Sleeper Ship by Jim RudnickSleeper Ship by Jim Rudnick:
As penance for not being honest with his Admiral, Captain Tanner Scott has been sent on a boring routine maintenance mission of checking the RIM boundary buoys one after another and that lets him enjoy his Scotch in peace.

Imagine his surprise when a Sleeper ship suddenly arrives on the RIM and he learns that the thousands of alien Sleepers are all children! While making that known has already gotten RIM Confederacy realms fighting, the real hidden problem is the secret that a virus infects the alien Sleepers.

Finding out the Sleeper’s secret is one thing but the news of what that virus could bring to the RIM and what it might do is the real reason that a powerful RIM Royal realm wants to enslave the alien Sleepers.

When Captain Scott realizes that another RIM planetary realm has also learned what the virus could be worth, they too try to take over the Sleeper ship and that means that Tanner can’t as per usual self-medicate with Scotch but instead has to overcome the RIM’s adversaries and somehow save the alien Sleepers too!

91a0H0nWS5L._SL1500_The Immortals by S.M. Schmitz:
Colin and Anna have been hunting demons for a long time. But something is different in Baton Rouge. The rules are being broken and they're powerless against some of the greatest forces Hell can assemble. If they can't stop these demons from manipulating every rule of this war, then Heaven may lose the only battle that's ever really mattered.

Swords of SilverSwords of Silver by Hollis Shiloh:
Together at last, Holin and Kale are on the run from magicians and dragon-slayers alike, but utterly happy because they have each other.

Then one night, soldiers arrive and capture them both. Kale escapes with Holin's help—and vows to return and rescue his beloved. But that might not be as easy as it sounds, even for a man like Kale.

Unrevelations by Rissa WatkinsUnrevelations by Rissa Watkins:
The apocalypse has begun.

Death stalks Sara and not in a metaphorical way. More like the literal, move out of your house and get a restraining order kind of way. When Sara reveals she has the ability to see him, he becomes fascinated. Unfortunately, Death shows his interest by trying to kill her. Repeatedly. Each failed attempt only increases his enthusiasm.

Sara soon realizes the news reports of werewolves, zombies, and plagues can mean only one thing: The Heavenly Seals in the Book of Revelations have been broken.

All this happens just when her wasteland of a love life seems to be showing signs of improving. Matt, the cute cop who responds to her 911 calls, gives her fantasies of a happy future. Maybe one that involves handcuffs. Before she can build a new life, she has to survive Death’s infatuation and stop him from unleashing the End of Days, Biblical style.

Speak by R.M. WebbSpeak by R.M. Webb:
Witches and Warlocks. Hidden magic and conspiracies.

Zoe’s shy. Like really shy. Even simple conversations with her best friend, Becca, can have her lost in her head, worrying about all the things she might have said or done wrong. But there’s this part of Zoe that’s as ferocious as a tiger, this part that paces in frustration whenever Zoe gets quiet, and urges her to do things that push her out of her comfort zone - her very small comfort zone.

The tiger gets its way when Zoe meets Noah at her favorite bar, because Zoe is so not comfortable. First, Noah’s absolutely gorgeous. Second, every time he touches her, she feels these golden pings of … something … that calm her and soothe her and make her feel like the answers to all her questions are right around the corner. And third, it looks like Becca is keeping a dangerous secret, a secret that Noah is in on and isn’t happy about at all.

With Noah’s help, Zoe’s gonna have to learn to speak, because her words hold power … more power than she ever dreamed possible.